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How does the Dallas Amputee Network get requests for Peer Visitation?
  • New amputee or candidate for amputation asks for Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor
  • Hospital staff asks for Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor with amputee approval
  • Family or friends ask for Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor with amputee approval
  • ACA National Peer Network asks for Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor on behalf of amputee
Would you like to request a visit from a Dallas Amputee Network Certified Peer Visitor
for yourself, a family member or friend?
Please contact through the DAN Hotline (972) 470-0505

What are the qualifications of Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitors?
  • ACA training or proven experience is recommended
  • Other peer visitors who more closely match the amputee can accompany the trained peer visitor to the medical facility
  • Ideally, all Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitors will be trained and certified
What are the procedures for Peer Visitation?
  • Phone call to Dallas Amputee Network Hot Line or Dallas Amputee Network member
  • Dallas Amputee Network representative calls Peer Visitors who match new amputee
  • Dallas Amputee Network representative replies to requestor with Peer Visitor information
  • Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor calls amputee or requestor (initial contact)
  • Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor takes packet of information and visits the amputee
  • Business cards are left with hospital staff
  • Dallas Amputee Network Peer Visitor records the visit and notes if follow-up visit is requested
  • Peer Visitor follows up with phone call or visit as necessary
  • Amputee is invited to meeting and transportation arranged if needed
What is reported about Peer Visits and to whom?
  • Record all pertinent information:
    • amputee's name (or initials) and gender
    • level of amputation and date performed
    • hospital or facility visited
    • who requested visit
    • date of visit
    • what materials were given to amputee and staff
    • if follow-up is requested
  • Report visit to hospital contact, ACA and Dallas Amputee Network

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